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Birthdate:Feb 12

Name: Linette St. Paul
PB: Charlotte Martin
Age: 121
Fandom: Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Race, Tribe, Breed: Bastet, Kahn, Hominid
Alignment: Neutral
Pryio: Daylight


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 132lbs

Build and Coloring:
Though well above average height, Linette is considered typical for her race, with broad shoulders, a tapered waist and streamlined strength. She gives the impression of catlike grace and balance even in her human form, with the bonelessness that typifies her kind. Don't be fooled by her languid posture: the Kahn are warriors, and females are almost always the more vicious among Big Cats. Her hands and the bottoms of her feet are heavily calloused, and her knuckles are thickly scarred. Someone broke her nose once, before her change came upon her, and it's visible in the slightly flattened bridge.

Lynn has strong features, strikingly handsome rather than pretty, with a generous mouth and sharp jawline. Her eyes are gray-blue in a tanned face, her hair a dishwater-blonde streaked even paler by the sun. She wears it in meticulously kept waves, but usually binds it up for practicality's sake. Though she's often mussed, scratched or bloody from her pursuits, she's quite fastidious, and religiously bathes twice a day.

Feline Form:
The Kahn are weretigers, originally hailing from India, Asia and Siberia. Lynn is of the Siberian bloodline, the largest of the genus Panthera, although she's far from the heaviest or tallest of her clan. What she lacks in mass, she makes up for with speed, bloody tenacity and a wicked streak a mile wide.

Distinguishing Marks:
Linette happens to possess the wide band gene, leading to a coloration known as Golden Tabby. She's awfully vain about it. Among tigers, this strain has only been found in captivity, and only through select inbreeding. Mention that, and kiss your face goodbye.

Like any warrior, Lynn has come out the worse in a number of fights and has a list of impressive battle scars in addition to the various small nicks and bumps:

-A set of claw-slashes on her right outer-thigh, won during a Hanshii with a member of the Balam clan.
-A burn on the inside of her left elbow, where lamp-oil spilled on her as a child.
-A thin cut that curves from her left temple under the corner of her jaw, courtesy of a silver knife and a too-smart USARMY Lieutenant.
-Her crowning glories, souvenirs of her fight with an Abomination (Bastet-turned-Vampire): a jagged slash on the inside of her right hip, an ugly bitemark on the left side of her ribcage, and a knot of scar tissue on the bones of her right wrist.
-A large, ugly mess across her throat, so recent that the story of it has yet to be sung at any gatherings.

Read it here, should you have some time to kill.

Lynn is blunt, headstrong and reckless. She lives for the fight, constantly on the lookout for the next warrior to test herself against. Though her love of a brawl sometimes borders on the dishonorable, she is Khan to the bone, with all the pride and conviction that implies. She has no tolerance for anyone who physically targets the weak, but even less for those who play the victim. Not everyone can be as capable as the Kahn, of course, but she believes that each person must develop their individual strengths to the best of their abilities. She values independence and honesty, but enjoys the riddle-games of her kind. Like all cats, she is solidly convinced of her superiority, though she will bow to the experience and wisdom of her elders. Though she often acts superior, she detests the aristocratic pretensions of some other clans and immortals.

She speaks her mind, does as she pleases, and gets away with it because few people are stupid enough to cross a tiger. Her overconfidence has gotten her into no-win situations in the past, and she's not very good about learning from her mistakes. Above all else she is a DO-ER, not a thinker. She's incredibly comfortable in her own skin, and it shows; nothing makes her happier than physical exertion, whatever the activity.

At rest, Linette is amiable and easy-going. She smiles often (though perhaps a bit too widely), has a well developed sense of humor (unless she's the target) and loves to have company. Her thirst for physical sensation includes good food, drink and sex. Like any cat, she may sometimes attack (physically or verbally) without provocation, and tires of things easily. In other words, she's fantastic company for the short-term, but wears on the nerves after a while. Luckily for all concerned, she tends to feel the same way about other people and rarely hangs around long.

The glowing description of her personality may trick a reader into believing, as Lynn does, that she has no faults. This is not the case.

Every Bastet clan suffers from three "Yava," unescapable shortcomings. Some may only be afflicted by one of the three, while others suffer from all. However, the Yava are the most tightly kept secrets. No one but another clan member should ever know them:

1) Though children of the mood goddess, the Khan are driven by the sun. They are sluggish and sleepy after sundown and, during an eclipse, become completely comatose for 24 hours. Please note that VAMPIRES, GAROU AND OTHER SHAPESHIFTERS MAY BE AWARE OF THIS YAVA, as it was betrayed during a clan war. If they are, then any Kahn they meet will be more susceptible to their powers. There's a reason there are so few Kahn around anymore. Linette is not a night-time narcoleptic, but she does fall into a coma during an eclipse.

2)Kahn cannot resist devouring the meat of an innocent child, though doing so violates their code of conduct.

3) Any Kahn who turns away from a direct challenge becomes unable to use their goddess-granted abilities for two weeks.

Of course, there are the traditional weakness to silver and fire. In addition to racial traits, Linette is often tempted into fights that are too much for her, and has a Garou-like tendency to stick out a suicidal course of action. Her emotions are easily played against her, and run so strong that she's especially prone to accidental shape shifting. A tense or enraging situation can push her into Feline form, and sometimes through to the bipedal Crinos form. This is a HUGE embarrassment for someone her age. She gets a lot of flack for it at gatherings, and it's actually held her back from climbing the Bastet social ladder, such as it is. Assuming that a mentalist could fathom the working of a cat's mind, she'd be easy prey for telepathic manipulation or illusions.


Vampires: Some of the Bastet are enthralled by this secretive race, but Linette generally loathes and disdains them. As if her encounter with the Abomination weren't enough, vampires were involved in the betrayal of Yava that nearly brought on the extinction of her tribe. With the exceptions of the Brujah and the Gangrel, she finds them to be effete, aristocratic poufs, lazing about in accumulated wealth and vices. Every Kahn knows the vampires are servants of the Asura, and she would cheerfully rip the head off one with very little excuse.

...however, there seem to be a bunch of new-breed vampires running around, and she's juuuust curious enough to sheath her claws for a bit.

Garou: Unlike some of her people, Linette does not hate her canine cousins. While they acted dishonorably during the Rage Wars, she respects the might of force they showed there. She can't understand how anyone would want to be in charge of a group, but she gets exerting power over another. She's had a couple of good bouts with Garou in her time (one or two of which ended in the death of her opponent, but it's hardly HER fault that they were xenophobic enough to take it that far) and hopes to enjoy more. Of course, they ARE dogs...dirty, prone to chasing their tails, and not always very bright. She delights in messing with them, though her friends among the Bastet have pointed out that she sometimes shares those traits.

Humans: Kahn legends proclaim the clan as chosen warriors against the dark, and they take protecting humanity very seriously. Unlike some, Linette hasn't chosen a particular territory or family to defend, but she takes it upon herself to protect those poor, squishy bipedals from harm at the hands of the supernatural...and each other. She has nothing but respect (and a wee bit of awe) for human mages and wizards, and is fond of taking lovers from their ranks. The Bastet traditionally collect secrets, and she finds those of magekind the most intriguing.

As for everyone else, Linette has an open mind. Promise her a challenge, and she'll gladly hang around to learn more. Respond to her physical advances and claim a tigress as a lover for a time. Prove you have a usefull skill, and expect her to dog your steps until she's figured it out for herself. Try to learn anything from her, and run the risk of frustration by riddle or hospitalization by mauling.

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